Maureen O'Malley

About me

[Picture of me escaping into a forest] I am a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Sydney in the Department of Philosophy. I'm also associated with the Sydney Centre for the Foundations of Science. I'm working on philosophical issues inmicrobiology, especially in its current molecular manifestations. Before coming to Sydney in February 2011, I was a senior research fellow at Egenis, the University of Exeter. Prior to that, I spent a few years in Ford Doolittle's evolutionary microbiology lab at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I did my PhD on evolutionary explanations in the social sciences and humanities at the Universities of Edinburgh and Sussex.

Key research areas

[Me on a mountain ridge, by David Braddon-Mitchell] Photo courtesy of David Braddon-Mitchell at SmugMug
  • Philosophy of microbiology
    • Microbial ecology and metagenomics
    • Microbial evolution and phylogeny
    • Microbial classification
    • Microbial model systems

Contact details

[Me coming down a snow-covered mountain, © Matthew Slater] Image © Matthew Slater at VisualDetail
Department of Philosophy
School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry
Quadrangle A14
University of Sydney
NSW 2006, Australia
0061 (0)2 90366591